Christopher Gutsche, NCARB, Architect, LEED AP

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Jan 26

Living Building Challenge

In previous posts we introduced the Living Building Challenge, a holistic building certification program developed and administered by the Living Future Institute (ILFI) that can be applied to any type of project. ”The Living Building Challenge™ is an attempt to dramatically raise the bar from a paradigm of doing less harm to one in which we view our role as a steward and co-creator of a true Living Future.” The Living Building Challenge consists of seven performance categories, or “Petals”: Place, Water, Energy, Health and Happiness, Materials, Equity and Beauty. To achieve the Water Petal “project water use and release must work in harmony with the natural water flows of the site and its surroundings. One hundred percent of the project’s water needs must be supplied by captured precipitation or other natural closed-loop water systems, and/or by recycling used project water, and must be purified as needed without the use of chemicals. All stormwater and water discharge, including grey and black water, must be treated onsite and managed either through reuse, a closed loop system, or infiltration. Excess stormwater can be released onto adjacent sites under certain conditions.


Chris Gutsche is a Living Building Challenge Ambassador.

Learn more: living-future.org
Check out the LBC Standard: Living Building Challenge 3.1 Standard