Christopher Gutsche, NCARB, Architect, LEED AP

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Oct 22

What Are “Healthy” Materials and Why Might I Care?

Healthy materials do not harm your health. Many building products from particle board in your cabinetry and furniture, paint on your walls, clear finishes on your floor and woodwork, adhesives used to glue down tile, sealants and carpet can contain chemicals that leach into the air you breathe. These are usually referred to as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Many products leach slowly over extended periods of time. Continued exposure can lead to chemical sensitivities with allergic type reactions, headaches and other irritations. Be VOC savvy. Look for low to no VOC content in all of your building products. Ask your contractor what they’re using from construction adhesives to primers, caulks, sealants and paints and insist on healthy alternatives.